Friday, April 27, 2007


This post is just a reminder that for those of you that often leave things to the last minute --- the deadline is quickly approaching…so unless your 100% sure you’re going to get a refund make sure you have them in by midnight Monday, April 30.

If you haven’t filed your taxes yet you’ll probably have to file electronically so here is a list of the software packages and web applications that are certified by the government of Canada for the 2006 tax year.

Have a good weekend and happy filing.


Anonymous said...

You actually don't need to file electronically if you're filing right at the deadline - you can just drop the paperwork off at the post office.

As long as it's postmarked for the 30th or earlier, you're fine. It doesn't matter if CRA gets the paperwork by the 30th - it's not like they'll be processing it right away anyhow.

I always file as soon as I can, though - I received my refund almost 6 weeks ago...

Anonymous said...

You're right george, I should have mentioned that (I just made it on the 30th last year)...this year I'm going electronic.

Anonymous said...

Hey MCM,
Taxes are a given.

I talked to a guy who makes alot of money. He said, "I make alot of money, so I pay alot of taxes".

At the time, I said to myself, I would rather have his "net income" than my income.

So I look at it this way... Paying lots of taxes is kind of like a status symbol!


Only two things in life are certain death and taxes.