Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Networth April 1 – 2007

Networth at the close of April 1, 2007 (no change from last month)

TRP - 4.23%
ABX - 3.94%
CSH.UN - 3.27%
GWO - 4.80%
PFE - 4.28%
POW - 4.10%
BA.UN - 0.38%
L - 3.80%
UNS - 2.85%
GZ - 2.93%
TD - 13.28%
EIT.UN - 2.83%
JNJ - 3.45%
MMM - 3.89%
O'Shaughnessy’s Global Fund - 4.06%
American Growth Fund - 1.07%
CDN Value Fund - 3.78%
Small Cap Growth Fund - 3.96%
Deep Value Fund - 11.03%
Health Science Fund - 0.92%
Bond (9% yield) - 5.54%
Money Market Fund - 11.60%

There was no change in my networth since last month. However, I did make a few purchases EIT.UN and JNJ that I plan to hold for the long term.


J said...

Apologies if you've already talked about this, but I'd be interested in an article detailing how you managed to save over $100,000 when you're only 27. When did you graduate from university?

MG (moneygardener) said...

You bought a few stocks and your portfolio value declined??

Did you sell something to obtain the funds to buy these two?

I am also curious about your answer to 'j's post.

Middle Class Millionaire said...


I store all of my investment cash in a money market fund while I wait to deploy it (3.4% interest vs. 0%) so I just sold some of it to buy EIT.UN and JNJ. Money market was 17% in March it’s now around 11%.


That’s a good question but my answer is a little too long winded for the comments section. I was planning on posting on a similar topic anyway, so tonight I’ll write up a detailed answer for you and post it on the blog tomorrow.


MG (moneygardener) said...

Thanks for the response

Anonymous said...

MCM, is this your total net worth or your portfolio net worth only?


Middle Class Millionaire said...


It is my portfolio value only. I will be posting in the future why I choose to use only my port value as my networth (I know you are supposed to include all assets ie-car, equity in home, emergency funds etc...) However, in my case I feel it's beneficial to represent networth without those items. Stay tuned though I'll be posting on the logic behind my basterdized networth calculation. (networth would be higher if I calculated it in the traditional manner)



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