Monday, July 16, 2007

Renovations Update – II

I made some significant progress in my house renovations over the last 4 days. I primed and painted almost the entire interior of the house. Here are the approximate costs of the work:

–paint and primer (cost $210)
-beer for helpers ($175)
-food for helpers ($20)
-brushes and trays ($45)
-plaster for areas damaged by wallpaper/trim removal ($5)
-misc ($10)

TOTAL: $465 (leaves me $1120 in my renovations budget)

In my opinion the painting is by far the best "bang for my buck" and will have the greatest return once I sell the house.

Items Remaining:
-Aesthetic work to 2nd bathroom
-Painting front door
-Painting trim
-Replacing kitchen counter tops(?)
-Replace receptacle, switches + plates
-Clean/scrub garage
-Paint Kitchen cabinets


Anonymous said...

damm thats a lot of beer! Hopefully it was drank after the painting?

MG (moneygardener) said...

That is a pretty solid beer to paint ratio...I'll bet a good time was had.

Anonymous said...

ya a good (but productive) time was definitely had by all.

Anonymous said...

haha, did you paint drunk? sounds fun haha


Excellent update