Thursday, July 5, 2007

Home Renovation Update

Last week I wrote about some home renovations that I plan on doing prior to selling, here’s the update:
•Stained the deck (approx cost $15)
•Removed kitchen cabinet doors and filled in holes (approx cost $0)
•Replaced bathroom vanity, sink, faucet and moved plumbing (approx cost $400)

This week I plan on:
•Filling some holes in the bathroom drywall that were created as a result of removing porcelain inlayed toilet paper rolls and towel holders.
•Painting the removed kitchen cabinets

Total spent on the renovation so far:$415. This leaves me with $1585 remaining in my budget.


Anonymous said...

How do you stain a deck for $15????

Small deck? Homemade stain???

My deck is about 14x22 and I'm guessing it is going to cost over $100.

Anonymous said...

It is a fairly small deck and I had some stain left over from the last time I did it. I think I originally bought the full bucket for about $35. Plus I only needed one coat.

P.S-If you have a good "homemade stain" recipe I'd love to have it :)


Time to fix up the old house.