Thursday, June 12, 2008

How I Added $20,000 to My Home in 3 Days - Part 1

As many of you know I have recently relocated to my country property and switched to a slower paced lifestyle. As a result there was no need to keep our house in the city so about a month ago we listed the house and I'm happy to say that this week it sold for 98% of the asking price.

In order to make the house more appealing we decided that if we wanted to get top dollar for our home some improvements were needed. Being a frugal kind of guy we of course did all the improvements ourselves and on the cheap. I wanted at least a rough idea of how much value we'd be adding to the house so prior to beginning the work I had 2 real estate agents in to view the property and provide me with a suggested listing price. After the renovations were complete I had them in again to re-evaluate the listing price and both were about $20,000 higher. In my next post I'll explain exactly what improvements were made and the approximate time and cost involved.


Anonymous said...

where did you buy your house? in a lot of places houses are dropping prices such as cali and florida

Anonymous said...

I hope you sell your house soon and at a good profit! (;

JBERG said...

To ochousing: A lot of realtors are getting into what I am and finding more success in these tough times!

Unknown said...

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