Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Retirement Nest Egg at the Close of Oct 09, 2007

-no change from last month
-up 8.6% in 2007

TRP – 4.25%
CSH.UN – 2.90%
GWO – 5.05%
PFE – 3.7%
POW – 4.45%
BA.UN – 0.41%
L – 3.76%
UNS – 2.87%
GZ – 2.51%
TD – 14.02%
EIT.UN – 2.74%
JNJ – 5.69%
MMM – 4.15%
ZED – 0.44%
ATD.B – 3.7%
O'Shaughnessy’s Global Fund – 3.97%
American Growth Fund – 0.98%
Canadian Value Fund – 3.77%
Small Cap Growth Fund – 4.21%
Chou Associates Fund – 10.12%
Money Market Fund – 16.31%

Last month was unusually active for me (although still quite boring by many peoples standards). I sold GO.A just before their 10% drop, took some profits in ABX (sold too early) and finally decided to unload an underperforming Health Science Fund that I’d purchased almost a decade ago before I really knew anything about investing. These transactions have left me with about 16% of my portfolio sitting in cash. This month I will probably be initiating a position in WAG and will continue to keep an eye on ATD.B, IPL.UN, IIC, TOC, GO.A


Anonymous said...

up 8.6%, how much of that is because of new money?

MG (moneygardener) said...

I am surprised that you still hold Loblaws. Are you in this name for the long term? What is your rationale for holding on to this dog?

Anonymous said...

Why did you keep Accrete over? Galleon

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