Friday, June 1, 2007

Retirement Nest Egg - June 1, 2007

Retirement Nest Egg at the close of May 31, 2007.

-Up 1.7% from last month
-Up 11.8% in 2007

TRP - 4.20%
ABX - 3.60%
CSH.UN - 3.59%
GWO - 4.70%
PFE - 4.19%
POW - 4.26%
BA.UN - 0.39%
L - 4.01%
UNS - 2.79%
GZ - 2.95%
TD - 13.68%
EIT.UN - 3.02%
JNJ - 5.73%
MMM - 4.03%
ZED - 0.78%
GO.A - 3.09%
O'Shaughnessy’s Global Fund - 3.97%
American Growth Fund - 1.02%
Canadian Value Fund - 3.80%
Small Cap Growth Fund - 4.24%
Chou Associates Fund - 10.45%
Health Science Fund - 0.88%
Bond (9% yield) - 5.35%
Money Market Fund - 5.29%

There were no major changes to my portfolio this month. The 1.7% monthly gain was a result of dividends, distributions, and share appreciation as no new money was added to my portfolio this month.


Anonymous said...

WOW, your portfolio is hot! Do you have any losers?


Middle Class Millionaire said...

I don’t have any real big losers but ABX has been kind of disappointing and L has just been stagnant. My portfolio has also been hit by the rising US dollar as approx. 30% of it is invested in US dollars. That being said I’m not predicting a lot of portfolio growth going forward as I feel that many of my holdings are now fully valued. However, I plan on holding everything in my portfolio indefinitely with the exception of ZED, GZ and GO.A which I would sell if they had a good run (and hope to re-buy them later).

Thicken My Wallet said...

Congrats. Are you at all worried about TD compromising more than 10% of your portfolio?

Anonymous said...

No, not really. I sleep fairly well at night holding this one. I've held it for a long time and would have a fairly large capital gain if I sold. Additionally, I am not inrolled in the DRIP so I expect that it will become a smaller % of my portfolio over time. That being said I don't have plans to add another CDN bank anytime soon.

Anonymous said...


Which Canadian Value Fund and Small Cap Growth Fund do you own? And how do you screen your stock picks?



Anonymous said...

How do you figure you're up om Chou Associattes? Are you talking the us dollar fund? the price is up .05 cents (in the Canadian dollar fund) from Dec 31. Don Y.


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