Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hybrid Vehicle Rebates

For those of you looking to buy a new environmentally friendly vehicle and love that new car smell (which they have found is a carcinogen) here is a summary list of environmentally friendly hybrid vehicles and the amount of money you’ll be eligible to receive as a rebate from the federal government.

Toyota Prius hybrid 4dr hatchback $2,000
Honda Civic hybrid 4dr sedan $2,000
Toyota Camry hybrid 4dr sedan $1,500
Nissan Altima hybrid 4dr FWD sedan $1,500
Toyota Yaris 2dr hatchback CE $1,000
Toyota Yaris 2dr hatchback RS $1,000
Toyota Yaris 4dr hatchback LE $1,000
Toyota Yaris 4dr hatchback RS $1,000
Toyota Yaris 4dr sedan $1,000
Toyota Corolla 4dr sedan CE $1,000
Toyota Corolla 4dr sedan sport $1,000
Ford Escape hybrid 4dr FWD $2,000
Ford Escape hybrid 4dr 4x4 $2,000
Toyota Lexus RX 400h hybrid 4dr AWD $1,500
Toyota Highlander hybrid 4dr AWD base $1,000
Toyota Highlander hybrid 4dr AWD 7-passenger limited $1,000
Chrysler Jeep Compass 4dr FWD sport/north $1,000
Chrysler Jeep Compass 4dr FWD limited $1,000
Chrysler Jeep Patriot 4dr FWD sport/north 1,000
Chrysler Jeep Patriot 4dr FWD limited $1,000
Toyota Lexus GS 450h hybrid 4dr sedan $1,000


MG (moneygardener) said...

Buying new is not always a poor financial decision. Due to discounts I was able to obtain, I bought a 2006 Toyota Matrix for what you might may for a one year old model. Also you get better financing rates with a new car vs. used.

MG (moneygardener) said...

Meant to say 'pay' instead of may.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the upcoming baby!

I saw your comment on CC's blog.


Middle Class Millionaire said...

I agree if you can get new for the same price as used I'm definitely for it!

Thanks! Could be any day now.

Anonymous said...

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