Thursday, February 15, 2007

Saving Money - A Middle Class Rant I

I’ve decided that I’m going to start posting some of my rants about things that make me angry. In each post I’ll vent about whatever topic got me angry that day. Today the topic will be lunch.

I can’t stand listening to the money complaints of people who routinely buy their lunch. It makes them look like an idiot and makes me mad that they're so stupid. For example, an acquaintance was recently complaining that she didn’t have enough money set aside this year to contribute to her RRSP, meanwhile she buys her lunch every day (and many of her suppers). Let’s just see how much her lunches are really costing her.

Lets assume the average crappy cafeteria lunch with a drink costs about 7 bucks a day (doesn’t sound like much) but add that up 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year and it totals $1820(and remember that’s after tax). So, lets assume you're only in the 30% tax bracket ---that means that you spend $2600 of your pre-tax income on lunch. If your spouse does the same your spending over $5000 of your pre-tax income on crappy, cafeteria lunches (good lunches are usually more expensive). Now, I’ve heard almost every excuse under the sun from people who have “tried to make their lunch” but just couldn’t stick with it and the most common reason is “I just don’t have time” ---This makes me laugh--what kind of life are you living that you don’t have time to make a sandwich and put a pop can into a bag!? Or even better remember supper? You know that meal you had before bed – next time you make supper cook a little extra and put it in a container for lunch the next day.


Tim Stobbs said...


Expanding on that rant a bit. I can't stand people that they don't have time to cook supper. I mean how hard is it to dig out a recipe book and cook something. It takes perhaps an hour of your day and costs you $5 (or less), compared to $25 for a fast food meal out.

So I love to ask people how long did you have to work to earn that extra $20 just because you felt lazy? Most of the time it's longer than an hour. So you can just watch them realize they are wasting more time by eating out than just cooking at home.

Ok, now I'm done ranting.


Anonymous said...

Hey Middle Class Millionaire!

Just found your blog, great site! I currently have an early retirement series on my blog, check it out.


Anonymous said...

Hey I'm glad you liked my site. Thanks for dropping me a note. I've actually been reading your blog for a while now and have even linked my readers to one of your posts that I particularly enjoyed.

Keep up the good work.

MG (moneygardener) said...

Examples of this type of thing a rampant.

- Eating Out for lunch and dinner
- Weekly Lottery
- Drinks at work or coffee in the morning

I could go on and on...

Sol Veritas said...

I eat out every day for lunch - most suppers too (ave 6 nights per 7 day week). I compensate by:

- no movies
- few books
- no club-hopping
- little entertainment
- public transit (no parking / gas)

I agree it's a big cost ($600/month), but...

Oh wow, maybe I DO need to do something about that...

Anonymous said...

I had a colleague once who would buy $1 a can of pop from the vending machine at work almost every day.

I offered to sell them a 24-case of pop that I had at home for only $20. Oddly enough they didn't take the offer....


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